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About Us

Who We Are

We have a combined 50+ years of experience between four program facilitators, including working with persons with intellectual disabilities, autism, behavioral challenges and mental health diagnosis. We understand the importance of providing appropriate programs and supports facilitated by qualified staff. It is our goal to assist individuals, meeting their needs and goals, with programs that will make a difference!

Our programs will be set up between 1 – 4 staff depending on the program content, client needs, interests, abilities and goals. Within the larger group setting, the focus will be on socialization and peer interactions within the group and the community.

Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster independence and improve quality of life for individuals with  disabilities.

All individuals have value to contribute and the capacity to learn and grow. We embody these beliefs by striving to be the source for innovation through:








Our Vision

TAJ — is committed to providing people with disabilities the opportunity to:

                                                            · Showcase their aptitude for learning new skills

                                                            · Better-engage and play a more-active role in their community

                                                            · Find adaptive options that help them succeed in their goals.  

Thank you to our amazing supporters and sponsors!

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